Development trend of seamless steel tube smelting process

Development trend of seamless steel tube smelting process

Seamless steel pipe manufacturers enterprise scale and intensive

The scale and intensification of international seamless steel pipe manufacturers has become a trend, especially the concentration of seamless steel pipe manufacturers plate production

The higher, the world’s top 10 seamless steel pipe manufacturers, the output of the world’s seamless steel pipe manufacturers accounted for 80% of the total output.Arcelor at the top

The steel capacity of the company, krupthyssen seamless steel pipe manufacturer, otto kupp and arcelinox all exceeds 2 million tons

The large scale and intensification of the sino-arcelor company, which has reached 3.5 million to seamless steel pipe manufacturers, have greatly reduced the purchase and smelting costs of raw materials

Effect, to improve production efficiency and product quality also has great benefits.


There are more than 16 seamless steel pipe manufacturers in China, not including the large number of private enterprises, the largest of tiasteel

Before the capacity is only 1 million t, China is the world’s largest consumption of seamless steel pipe manufacturers.Therefore, it is necessary to follow the international trend

In accordance with the idea of developing seamless steel pipe factory of nanbao beitai, which has been determined by the international community, the annual output of taigang and baosteel is 2.5 million and 1.5 million tons respectively

The scale of seamless steel pipe manufacturers steel production enterprises, to improve the concentration of steel pipe manufacturers in China, promote the seamless steel

Healthy development of the factory industry.

Seamless steel pipe manufacturers of large scale production equipment

The large-scale production equipment of seamless steel pipe manufacturers is another trend of the development of seamless steel pipe manufacturers in the world.In the twentieth century

In the 1970s, seamless steel tube manufacturers only about 50t steel furnace, the average production scale is only about 300,000 t/a.By the year 2000, electric furnace and

AOD furnace are large scale, the furnace capacity reached 150t above, the production scale up to 1 million ta.

At present, the furnace capacity of seamless steel pipe factory in China is not large, only baosteel group AOD furnace more than 100t.Therefore, tisco and bao

The new seamless steel pipe manufacturer will build large-scale steel production equipment to reduce the production rate by referring to the international trend of large-scale steel production.

Ben, meet the market demand.

steel pipe scrap

Seamless steel pipe manufacturer specification expansion In order to meet the market demand, seamless steel pipe manufacturers specifications are constantly expanding, especially the slab width is constantly increasing.(4) seamless steel tube Variety of factory varieties China’s nickel and seamless steel pipe manufacturers scrap steel resources plate.The expansion of the 400 series Cr seamless steel pipe factory will be the proportion of seamless steel pipe factory in China

One of the key points of structural adjustment of domestic variety.The ratio of Cr – Ni steel to Cr steel in the world is generally 75:25

The ratio is even higher, 90:10 in China, and 91.3:8.7 in tisco in 2003. Therefore, the expansion and development of Cr seamless steel pipe manufacturers

Production and application is the main task of seamless steel pipe manufacturers in China.Tisco plans to produce the ratio of Cr – Ni steel to Cr steel in 2004

In the future, the proportion of Cr steel production will be further increased with the increase of demand.Fair use of little or no nickel

The new seamless steel tube manufacturers and double phase seamless steel tube manufacturers can not only reduce the cost of seamless steel tube manufacturers, but also has strategic significance.

Mastering the smelting production technology of these steel types to meet the market demand is also the development trend of steel production of seamless steel pipe manufacturers in China.

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