Shandong jute Pipe Co., Ltd. successfully developed two new varieties of rolled wire rod φ 6.5mm low carbon and low silicon hot rolled wire rod

Recently, Shandong jute Pipe Co., Ltd. has successfully developed two new varieties of rolled wire rod, i.e. hfy380 and hfy400, which are low carbon and low silicon hot rolled wire rods with a specification of 6.5mm. This has further enriched the variety of wire rod products of Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., filled the blank in the production of this steel, and added “new chips” to the increasingly fierce market competition.

In order to ensure the successful rolling of two new varieties of wire rod with φ 6.5mm specification, the factory has repeatedly studied the trial production scheme, organized R & D and production technicians to discuss the rolling scheme, conducted in-depth discussion and Analysis on the process procedures, and arranged special personnel to track the whole process according to the process control standards for each rolling procedure.

Before the rolling of new steel grades, the plant combs the rolling process parameters according to its process characteristics and product characteristics, formulates a detailed process plan, and strictly controls the steel embryo in furnace time, rolling process temperature, product size and material type, so as to ensure that the product quality and performance meet the requirements. Combined with the actual wire production line equipment, systematically check the raw materials, equipment and key control points that affect the production, and formulate key equipment assurance measures to ensure the success of rolling.

In the rolling process, the plant uses the maintenance and scheduled maintenance time to check the key process equipment, process channels and other links, coordinate with the production scheduling department, and reasonably arrange the production time. Professional technicians meet the rolling requirements by optimizing the rolling process parameters of the rolling mill. In addition, the quality control personnel of the plant strictly control the product quality, timely and strictly test and analyze the product performance and physical quality, and provide technical support for the development of new steel grades.

It is understood that the two new varieties of hfy380 and hfy400 developed and rolled this time have good surface quality, product dimensions and mechanical properties meet the standards, and the quality of finished products meets the expected requirements. Batch rolling has been realized. The successful rolling of two new varieties enriches the product structure of Benxi Steel, improves brand awareness and product market competitiveness, meets the needs of direct supply users, and provides strong support for maximizing product benefits.

Post time: Jun-21-2022
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