Shandong Jute Pipe has made remarkable achievements in improving the operation efficiency of production line


In order to continuously strengthen the “consistent system” management, strictly implement the “process compliance”, ensure the leading product quality of each production line, and fully release the production capacity, Shandong Jute Pipe Industry has organized 5 special product promotion groups to tackle key problems for the weak links, and sort out and improve the key control points of each process.Select the key control points affecting the quality from the existing control points of the “consistent system”, conduct monthly data statistics, analyze and improve them from the four aspects of auxiliary materials, equipment, process and operation, and improve the index according to the PDCA cycle principle.In order to speed up the construction of the “consistent system” quality management system of the key varieties such as the automobile board, Shandong Giant Special Management Industry has issued the “consistent system” inspection and implementation Rules “.Organized the inspection and inspection of the implementation of the “consistency system” of cold rolled raw materials, key varieties of rod and wire materials, key varieties of special steel, steel making, hot rolled and cold rolled vehicles.Shandong Jute Pipe also actively carries out the whole process of process compliance control, and the “process compliance” independent management system in the own process of each rear steel unit operates in an orderly manner.In view of the control of “process compliance” between processes, Shandong Giant Pipe Industry evaluated the raw material quality through weekly raw material acceptance and physical quality sampling inspection, and reported the raw material quality problems that did not meet the requirements of “process compliance”.


This steel hot rolling mill 2300 production line material rate reached 97.95%, thick plate cold rolling mill three cold process material rate increased, domestic similar production line advanced level… since last year, Shandong giant pipe industry is committed to improve the efficiency of production line operation this “big article”, through constantly strengthening the production organization control, vigorously promotes the production organization, production line management and process cohesion, key production line operation ability improved significantly.

Combined with the fact that the production capacity utilization rate of the production line is not high, Shandong Giant Pipe Industry has solved the key problem of production capacity utilization rate. According to the principle of “production line before variety”, it has comprehensively predicted and selected the optimal scheme, formed the product resource plan and production line variety plan, and optimized the division of labor and resource allocation of the production line.It is understood that through a series of key problems, at present, the capacity utilization rate of one cold process and two cold process galvanized line has increased by 13.8% and 29.8% respectively, and the capacity utilization rate of other main finished products in the two plants has also been improved to varying degrees.It is predicted that in 2022, the production capacity utilization rate of each process will far exceed last year’s target, and the production capacity of each unit will be greatly released.And, under the guidance of the “benefit as the center” business philosophy, according to the principle of scientific and reasonable allocation of resources, Shandong giant pipe industry from the production line structure, to varieties, refinement to each steel, specifications, GK, comprehensive forecast capacity and sales, choose the best scheme, form the product resources plan and production line variety plan.According to statistics, last year, 604,600 tons of resources were adjusted, a total of more than 160 million yuan.The contract delivery rate was 95.83%, achieving the budget target at the beginning of the year.

In 2022, the production system of Shandong Giant Pipe industry will be problem-oriented, take the principle of benefit maximization, find the gap and strengthen the production process optimization around the weak links, and continue to improve the capacity utilization rate of high-quality production lines



Post time: Jul-07-2022
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