Shandong Jute Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. completed the first single export equipment workpiece pickling and phosphating coating business

Recently, Shandong Jute Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. successfully contracted and completed the first single export equipment oil tank, parts pickling and phosphorus coating business, marking that the company has the ability to pickling phosphorus coating of machining parts of different appearance sizes, broadening the space for efficiency.


Since the 100-day development of green and low-carbon transformation, the company has given full play to the advantages of pickling line equipment technology, actively expanded the market, and strive to make each process become an efficiency unit.In the process of market docking, when the company learned that a customer has a batch of export equipment for pickling and phosphating coating, the company keenly grasped the business opportunity to contract the order.

After more than a year of production, the company has mature experience in pickling and phosphorus processing and processing of steel products, but it is the first time for pickling and phosphorus processing and processing of different sizes of equipment artifacts.In order to tackle this hard bone and expand the new way to create efficiency, the technical personnel actively mark the standard industry advanced, formulate the production process technology plans, clarify the production process technology route and pickling temperature, phosphorization time and other key process parameters, and carry out all-round post training, technical disclosure.In view of the problem that the equipment can not meet the requirements of new business order production, the company timely contacted the pickling equipment manufacturer, maintained the whole equipment, upgraded the communication network and electrical system; independently designed and made specially processed parts and cranes, and overcome the problem of large parts and small parts are easy to fall to the bottom of the pool.At the same time, the mixing air duct is installed in the pickling tank to prevent the problem of pickling in the cavity of the workpiece.After everything was ready, the company quickly organized the order production, and under the careful operation of the cadres and staff, it completed the first pickling phosphorus coating equipment workpiece processing order task with high quality and efficiency.


Post time: Jul-07-2022
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