Shandong Jute rolling mill high standard standard “forced” quality improvement

Shandong Jute rolling mill continued to carry out quality standard, has achieved obvious results. In the first half of 2022, compared with 2021, the waste reduction rate decreased by 0.05%, the rod rate increased by 0.35%, the plate rate increased by 0.05%, the new mode of cord head and tail identification was highly recognized by Becert Company…

The factory technical quality room chief engineer Xu Zhanjun told reporters: ” through the standard, we have formulated a higher quality standard, ‘internal standard + competitive standard’ two-pronged, so as to ‘force’ the quality of the work for excellence, effectively promote the improvement of product quality.”


In order to identify the benchmarking enterprises, the factory first carries out internal benchmarking, that is, to the Angang group internal similar rolling steel mills as the benchmark for analysis, comparison, research and improvement. On this basis, actively carry out competitive standard, relying on the technical service group and key customer feedback, according to the key customer use recognition comparison, and customers to establish a win-win sustainable improvement mode, and determine the targeted target object, understand their advantages, find their own gap, and strive to improve and improve.

“Around the plate into the material rate index, we and chaoyang Steel plant standard, at the beginning of the year, the gap is large, the gap in 0.05%.”Xu Zhanjun said, such a gap, let his heart has the idea that he must catch up. In the process of benchmarking, he and his colleagues don’t pass any detail, through in-depth communication, detailed understanding of the composition of slab loss, item by item, by sampling loss and process loss of the standard, focus on equipment, process inspection, daily inspection and maintenance, reduce accident loss, improve the efficiency of equipment operation. In June, the proportion of the process loss decreased from 0.08% to 0.05%, reaching the best level in history, which was 0.03% lower than the target value, and the first stage of the completion rate benchmarking work was completed.

“Around the bar formation rate index, we found that through the Ansteel bar, Xinfu steel bar standard, in the billet fixing, process cutting loss, negative difference control and other aspects of different degrees of gap.”Xu Zhanjun said that through in-depth exchange, research and calculation, they formulated the billet sizing data and tracking feedback mechanism of each specification, implemented the measures of improving the rolling process control standards and reducing the cutting loss, and tested the tungsten carbide roll drop negative difference and other work, which have achieved obvious results.”Now, the success rate of two rods has increased from 100.1% in 202100.45%, and the bar has increased from 101.62% in 2021 to 1 02%.”In addition, around the wire quality standard, the factory also standard advanced enterprises, focus on promoting the reduction of finished product cutting head and tail loss, on the premise of ensuring product quality, scientific adjustment of plate screw, large specification wire cutting head and tail standard, cutting loss reduced by 0.02%.


The factory through continuing to carry out the quality standard improvement work, effectively improve the understanding of standardization leading quality improvement, to the high level of standards, forcing the improvement of product and service quality, and continue to the leading technical level, outstanding brand effect, obvious demonstration role of the enterprise. At the same time, each process strictly follows the principle of “the last process is responsible for the next process, and the next process supervises the last process”, implementing layer upon layer of supervision, layer by layer of feedback and layer by layer of follow-up, online to

Post time: Aug-18-2022
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