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Bushing is a supporting part used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing and wear protection. It refers to the ring sleeve acting as a gasket. In the moving parts, the parts are worn due to long-term friction.

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Bushing is a supporting part used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing and wear protection. It refers to the ring sleeve acting as a gasket. In the moving parts, the parts are worn due to long-term friction. When the clearance between the shaft and the hole is worn to a certain extent, the parts must be replaced. Therefore, the designer selects the materials with low hardness and good wear resistance as the shaft sleeve or bushing in the design, which can reduce the wear of the shaft and seat. When the shaft sleeve or bushing is worn to a certain extent, it can be replaced, In this way, the cost of replacing the shaft or seat can be saved. Generally speaking, the bushing adopts interference fit with the seat and clearance fit with the shaft, because wear can not be avoided anyway, which can only prolong the service life, and the shaft parts are relatively easy to process.

Product Description

Poduct Name
 High Precision Customized Hardened Steel Bushing
Material Available
1)Metal:Stainless steel,Steel(Iron,)Brass,Copper,Aluminum
3)OEM according to your request
Surface Treatment
Anodized different color,Mini polishing&brushing,Electronplating(zinc plated,nickel plated,chrome plated),Power coating&PVD
coating,Laser marking&Silk screen,Printing,Welding,Harden etc.
Process Method
CNC machining,Auto lathing/turning,Milling,Grindin, Tapping Drilling,Bending,Casting,Laser cutting
+/- 0.01~0.001mm
Delivery Time
Generally 3-7 working days forsample and 12-15 working days for batch production
Payment Term
T/T,Online bank payment,Visa,Paypal

Our company specializes in producing various specifications of seamless steel pipe and precision steel pipe. Through deep processing of seamless steel pipe, shaft sleeves, bushings and special-shaped workpieces of various specifications and sizes can be produced. The product can be galvanized and other surface treatment. As we are directly produced by the factory, we have obvious advantages in product quality and price.

Our products sell well in more than 20 countries around the world and win a good reputation in these countries.

Editing of shaft sleeve inspection rules
1. The appearance quality sample surface shall be free of bubbles, burrs and deformation, and the material shall be uniform and free of pungent smell.
2. Dimensions
(1) Use vernier caliper to test relevant dimensions, which shall comply with relevant technical and drawing requirements.
(2) After the shaft sleeve is matched with the rotating shaft, the rotor is vertically downward, and the shaft sleeve will not slide freely under the action of self weight.
3. Heat and aging resistance test
(1) After the sample is subjected to 125 ℃ / 1H ball pressure test, the indentation shall be ≤ 2mm, and there shall be no deformation by visual inspection.
(2) After putting the sample into the oven at 120 ℃ / 96 hours, visually check that the shaft sleeve is free of embrittlement and deformation.
4. Fire resistance test
The flame retardant grade is VW-1. When burning with alcohol lamp for 15s, it shall be extinguished within 15s.
5. Packaging and marking
(1) The packaging shall be firm, reliable and safe to ensure that the products will not be damaged during transportation.
(2) The package shall be marked with supplier code and name, product name, product quantity, material code, quality inspection mark, production date, etc. the mark shall be clear and accurate without mixed loading.
(3) In order to increase the traceability of products, it is required to mark the production batch number at the eye-catching place of the outer package. The supply batch number shall be indicated on the product inspection certificate or the original record of inspection (Experiment).
6. Hazardous substance content (RoHS directive)
If used for RoHS directive models, the materials shall meet the requirements of RoHS directive.


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